Bio Quantum Institution

The Bio Quantum Academy mission is to educate and train health practitioners and professionals to establish a new practice or bridge to a new modality of natural and integrative medicine to enhance the level of efficacy of their practice to help people better to restore their health.

Get to know our education

Bio Quantum Institute is an online school to offer different variety of courses, certifications and diplomas, workshops and seminars in Homotoxicology. We created a unique educational curriculum and platform in natural medicine according to the science of quantum physics to bring a great difference to people’s health and healing around the world. Our knowledgeable educators and lectures are united as a strong team working together to use their expertise to educate people to make changes in their lives. Our school grants three different programs:

  1. Practitioner diploma level I
  2. Practitioner diploma level II
  3. Postgraduate diploma program level III is leading to doctorate

Our graduates are eligible to apply for professional membership and certifications from a Canadian natural medicine board.

Get to know our educators

The educators at Bio Quantum Institute are well trained in natural and bio quantum medicine, they are experienced, well known, enthusiastic and ready to pass their knowledge and expertise to our students. We keep our promise and vow and committed to our principles to carry the highest quality of teaching and educating our students around the planet.